" Viki "

                                                                  photo at age 8 years 

* 20. 1. 1994 - 4. 8. 2006

HD +

Although Viky was successful in show rings, achieved some titles form both Czech and international judges


   Champion CZ   

 Primus junior, CAC, CWC,

and she also passed hunting trials, her main mission was the use in the breeding. Viky had 4 litters. Main advantage of this bitch was not only her peaceful and good-tempered nature but also the elegance and condition that she kept until great.

It was quite difficult to find enough power and responsibility in myself to follow my friend on her last way. Dear Viky, as you was during all the years a part of my life, so there will remain a place in my memories of you. It was a very painful farewell.

I would herewith like to say thanks to Dr. Milan Štourač for his sensitive and human approach and also to my longstanding friend Jirka Horák who was a standby for me during this sad moment.