" Hillary "

                                                                                    photo at age 8,5 years 

* 14. 9. 1998

HD +,eye tested RD/ C /PRA neg.

"Hillary" has become only one continuator of my breed, from one Sára’s litter. This female  in her two years, 
thanks to her firm temperament, perfect presentation and condition, absolutely exceeded her mother in show career.

 She was awarded:

Champion CZ & SK, Juniorchampion CZ & SK,  Cocker of the year 2000, Puppy of the year 1999,
Champion of champions 2000,Club winner 2000 a 2002, Winner of special show Zubří 2000,
 BIS, 3x BIG, BIG II., BIG III., 10x BOB ,10x CACIB, 5x res.CACIB, 
18x CAC,CACA H, A, CWC PL, CAJC CZ, SK, Jugenbester, Klch.Anw., Best young dog of Bratislava 1999.

( L.Robinson, K.Reisinger, E.Simpson, T.Jakkel, P.Lester, L.Pichard, K.A.Eriksen, A.Carrasco, A.Hackett, B.Müller, B.Richter,
 H.Ahrens, L.Robinson, P.Studeník, M.Kašpar, P.Šulcek, Z.Antonovič ing.,... )

 On 30.6.2001 on MVP Brno she performed conditions to award the title INTERCHAMPION


 which was officially conferred to her on 3.6.2002.

Hillary is mother of 4 litters. 

 Hunting trials :
 Talent Hunting trial - 2nd. price
 Fall Hunting Trial - 1st.price